[Foucault-L] REMINDER: 2011 Graduate Conference in Science and Technology Studies, York University

Dear Colleagues,
We'd like to remind you of the upcoming deadline for the first graduate
conference presented by the program in Science and Technology Studies at
York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to be held* May 20-22, 2011*:
"Apparatuses; Matter; Materialities." Abstract submissions are requested by
*March 14, 2011.*

The concept of the apparatus – both in the general sense of the term, and
that employed by Foucault, Deleuze, and Agamben – is in many ways a useful
one for considering the complex relationships between science, technology,
and society. At the same time, careful study of the sciences may lead us to
rethink these conceptualizations of apparatuses and what they do. We invite
proposals on any topic relating to this concept, from graduate students in
all disciplines and at all levels. Some possible topics for exploration

- the genealogy of the apparatus in the history of science

- specific technical or social apparatuses of interest

- interactions between scientific and political apparatuses

- the effects of research in STS and related disciplines on philosophical
conceptions of the apparatus

- the relationships between apparatus and thought, apparatus and discourse,
or any other relevant concepts

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Jeffrey Bussolini (CUNY, College of Staten
Island), editor of the recent *Foucault Studies *on Foucault and
Agamben. Updates and a more detailed call for abstracts are available at the
conference Web site, http://apparatus2011.wordpress.com. Proposals of
250-500 words, plus contact information and institutional affiliation,
should be submitted by *March 14, 2011, *to amcmill@xxxxxxxx. Please note
“Apparatus 2011 Submission” in the subject line. Registration is free;
please redistribute this call for abstracts freely.
Alasdair McMillan
Ph.D II / Graduate Assistant
Graduate Program in Science and Technology Studies<http://www.yorku.ca/sts/>
Institute for Science and Technology Studies <http://ists.news.yorku.ca/>
Bethune College, York University
4700 Keele St.
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

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