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I don't think he fits the terms of that debate

I would suggest Susan Hekman's recent introduction to this topic, The Material of Knowledge: Feminist Disclosures (Indiana University Press, 2010) as the place to start for an overview

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> Hey guys,
> I was talking with a friend who is a grad student in analytic
> philosophy and we were debating about the issue of "truth" in both
> analytic and continental traditions. In the course of it, we came to a
> discussion of the merits of the correspondence theory of truth versus
> the coherence theory of truth. The former argues for the veracity of a
> statement to be tied to its referent empirical reality and how well it
> "describes" or "corresponds" to it (straightforward "truth"). The
> latter tying veracity to a statement's relationship to other
> connecting statements. Where exactly would Foucault fit between these
> two theories? Going by the Archaeology of Knowledge, I would say he
> criscrosses the divide (though more accurately he could be described
> as being Nietzschean about truth). But are there any analytically or
> partly analytically trained people on here that might provide their
> own views?
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