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For myself, it would be interesting if there was an application to come from your treatment of this. For example, from my understanding, the panopitcon demonstrated a shift from person-centered power (ie, the sovereign) to a distributed or disseminated power with is embedded throughout society. In that view of pwer we are all agents (Foucault, 1980). The Panopticon demonstrated (for me) how we self-conform to suit our perceptions that society, or our boss, professors, or others have us under "the gaze". We internalize the gaze, the role of the observer and act in response, conforming. I liked Christopher Falzon's treatment of Foucault's concept of power as relational, and therefore creating possiilities such as resistance, power to others, etc., and found it worked well in terms of the role of dialogue in therapy, education, consulting, and community democracy. [Christopher Falzon

(1998). Foucault and Social
Dialogue: Beyond Fragmentation. London:


My treatment of Foucault in these areas can be found by looking up my name on Google Scholar. The one page intro is in Dutch - the remainder of the dissertation is in English.
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I am currently in the very early stages of preparing to do a
dissertation on Foucault and in particular his work on panopticism.
Currently I am considering on focusing on whether Foucault is
criticising disciplinary society in the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries or whether he is providing a critique of the transition that
occurred from sovereign to disciplinary society. I was wondering if
this topic would yield enough debate to be to write around 10,000 words
on and whether you would be able to suggest works that I would be able
to look at.
If you do not deem this pursuit to be fruitful, are there any other
areas related to panopticism that provides more areas of debate?

Many thanks in advance.


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