[Foucault-L] Need reference: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Hi everyone,
In "Revisiting Bodies and Pleasures", Judith Butler claims :
"Queer theorist Eve
Sedgwick suggests that it may be individuals who practice similar sorts of sex
acts have more in common with one another than those who happen to be of the
same gender. In this way, sexual alliances that cut across gender appear to take the place of
gender-based solidarities, and queer activism, though indebted to feminism,
takes its distances from feminism through this formulation that Foucault in
part inspired."(Theory, Culture, Society, avril 1999, 16 (2): 11-20, URL <http://tcs.sagepub.com/content/16/2/11>)
I guess Sedgwick's statement is hiding in her Epistemology of the closet, but I'm struggling to find the relevant passage.
Is someone aware of such a passage ?
Thank you in advance,
Tiffany P.

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