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Apart from the works you have mentioned already, the Cours of 1970-1971 Lecons sur la Volonté de Savoir can be very helpful.
However, as far as I could see, the expression 'regime de la vérité' is not used there, but all its elements and characteristics are discussed there; Nietzsche's theory of truth as a (violent) practice is explicitly discussed in the chapter "Lecon sur Nietzesche".
Fou. himself still uses here the expressions volonté de vérité or discours de vérité.

In my opinion he is transforming here discourse of truth into power/knowledge which will be tranformed lateron (end of the seventies) in regimes of truth and different forms of parrhèsia.

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> Hello,
> I'm looking for Foucault's own clarifications on the concept "regime
> de verite" as well as any other secondary sources on this matter -
> would be very grateful for bibliography indications.
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