[Foucault-L] Foucault Studies issue 19: Disability

hello all:

I would like to announce that the latest issue of Foucault Studies is out, with a special section on Foucault and Disability.


this issue includes:

Special Issue: New Work on Foucault and Disability

New Work on Foucault and Disability: An Introductory Note
Shelley Tremain 4-6

This Is What a Historicist and Relativist Feminist Philosophy of Disability Looks Like
Shelley Tremain 7-42

Desiring Disability Differently: Neoliberalism, Heterotopic Imagination and Intra-corporeal Reconfigurations
Kelly Fritsch 43-66

Genealogies of Disability in Global Governance: A Foucauldian Critique of Disability and Development
Xuan-Thuy Nguyen 67-83

Neoliberalism and Disability: The Possibilities and Limitations of a Foucauldian Critique
Scott Yates 84-107

Historical Epistemology as Disability Studies Methodology: From the Models Framework to Foucault’s Archaeology of Cure
Aimi Hamraie 108-134


Foucault on Ethics and Subjectivity: ‘Care of the Self’ and ‘Aesthetics of Existence’
Daniel Smith 135-150

State Racism and the Paradox of Biopower
Elisa Fiaccadori 151-171

Political Technique, the Conflict of Umori, and Foucault’s Reading of Machiavelli in Sécurité, Territoire, Population
Sean Erwin 172-190

Alea Capta Est: Foucault’s Dispositif and Capturing Chance
Nick Hardy 191-216


Standing Vigil for the Day to Come
Elise Woodard, Robert Harvey 217-223

Sam Binkley
Associate Professor of Sociology,
Emerson College


Sam Binkley
Associate Professor of Sociology,
Emerson College


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