Re: Wright's Request

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> On Wed, 14 Sep 1994, steven meinking wrote:
> > Also, Foucault seemed to always be the best at explaining Foucault. So
> > anytime you can acquire a book with some of his interviews, do so.
> > Titles by Foucault include _Language, Counter-Memory, Practice_,
> > _Power/Knowledge_, _Politics, Philosophy, Culture_, and the _Foucault
> > Reader_ edited by Paul Rabinow.

If you get the final item (Foucault Reader), be sure to spend lots of time
on Nietzsche, Genealogy, History. Perhaps because I started out as a
historian, I found this to be the text that "cracked open" Foucault for
me. I still read it over, from time to time, to recapture the trace of
pleasure-agony it afforded me.


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