Foucault List Update (Everyone Please Read)

Foucault Listers:

What follows below is an explanation of some of the current difficulties
we, of the Spoon Collective, have been experiencing lately. As a result
of the circumstances explained below, the Foucault List will be moving to
a new e-mail serving site. At this time we are unaware of what this
location will be.

I am sorry I did not notify you earlier of this problem. I am also sorry
I have been absent from this last for the past two weeks. It just so
happened that at the same time that World made their policy change the
campus e-mail network at the University of Utah was compromised by an
outside break-in by hackers. The hackers did extensive damage to the
system, and the action resulted in my inability to access my e-mail

Before Malgosia Askansas, another Spoon Collective member, sent her
initial message of notification concerning the World decision this list
was ripe with excellent discussion. Please continue this discussion.
THIS LIST WILL NOT BE SHUT DOWN. We are simply going to move it to a new
location, hopefully without interrupting any list services.

So please continue to post!

Yours in discourse,

Steven Meinking
Foucault List Moderator
The University Of Utah

As you probably know, we have been running this list, along with a number
of others (see below), from in Boston. Lists have been part
of the service that world has provided for free, for any account. Now
world has decided to charge for each list, and we are trying to figure
out what do do.

We definitely will _not_ terminate any of our lists. We do need your
input on this matter, particularly if you have access to any server that
might carry one or more of our lists.

World is charging only $5 per list, which is fine; we can cover this cost
without any problem. But they are also talking about unspecified volume
charges, and have not given us any figure for that. Judging from the
figure given by another server, 8 cents / megabyte, the total cost for
some of our lists can range as high as $47 per month. At this point, our
financing becomes difficult. (As you may have guessed, most of us are
relatively poor, and we are already putting in up to 50 hours / month for
some lists.)

So we are asking, again, if you have any concrete suggestions. If we do
change servers, you will all be automatically resubscribed to the new
server, hopefully without any disruption in service (world has stated
that they will forward mail for two months, which is more than adequate).

Please let us know your suggestions, if you have any, as soon as possible.

<your name here>

The affected lists are:

seminar-10 and seminar-11

Please send suggestions or comments to either of the following
addresses: steven.meinking@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or

Partial thread listing: