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Landis Duffett writes:
>>There is, incidentally, a very interesting, and typically unlikely
>>normalizing logic in your of cource joking guess that the entered book would
>>end costing exactly the same thing as the book. "So you see, everything
>>turns out the same..." The interesting question for me, and of course
>>lessons concerning technology should have us suspicious enough by now for
>>this, is how they might be different.
>A joke, a joke, a joke, it was a joke, just a joke :), :), :), :) = "joke"
>or "just kidding" or "not to be taken seriously." 'K.?
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That's why I said "of course joking". Pardon if you will my strident tone (I
was really worried about the tone of my note, by the way.) By way of
explanation, my response shows some of my frustration about certain kinds of
status quo mentalities, and this dissatisfaction goes anywhere from a mild
amusement to a hot rage that attributes the strange refrains of the same (in
the way I was pointing to in my post) which make me th ink of the recent
elections, etc. Really I spend most of me time in that rage, but I'm well
beyond just standing there. I'm eager to develop responses and find moving
through especially reflexive moments vis a vis thinkers like Foucault
(reflexive, i.e., what's our understanding of Foucault doing for and with
our involvements on the internet, how might panoptical formations take hold
in the internet, how can we do soething obout the prison system in the US,
why is Great Brittian "Cracking down on crime", and will it help), etc. At
the same time, I'm trying to get some work done on internet (as opposed to
travel) and I'm eager to dance with internet technology.

I sound too serious. A professor once wrote on an exam I wrote once that
seriousness may be the biggest joke. I'm too tired to joke right now. >:-<

I mean, just look at my signature (below).
Tom Blancato Not satisfied with the progress.

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