Re: a-legal distribution

Ok, so in lieu of that (though 800 hours is not really needed to enter a
short volume)--and emphatically, I'm not out to keep our philosophers from
making their fair share---a number of points:

1. Some lists have called at times for close readings. Close reading in a
group/list could be facilitated not only by inclusion of more text, but
possibly even special programs whcih do certain things to texts. For example,
a given passage is sent to everyone, then certain programs, like the kind
which handl replies to messages, enable "insertions of comments", spacing
and differentiating the text. Generally, every shift in the "ground rules"
and media has potentially dramatic effects for how things go, what gets
understood, etc.

2. My general encouragement is that people try to enter long quotes (not book
length), not simply for people who don't have the book, but as a practical
way of reading posts against a text.

3. Generally, it's not clear whether entering texts on computer would
necessarily lessen profits for computer people.

There is, incidentally, a very interesting, and typically unlikely
normalizing logic in your of cource joking guess that the entered book would
end costing exactly the same thing as the book. "So you see, everything
turns out the same..." The interesting question for me, and of course
lessons concerning technology should have us suspicious enough by now for
this, is how they might be different.

Tom Blancato Not satisfied with the progress.

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