Re: Chomsky (was) Re: a-legal distribution

>On Sat, 12 Nov 1994, Hogan M E wrote:
>> Copyright lies with the author (Chomsky for example is putting all his
>> work on the net and has given me permission to copy some - I use a
>> scanner, thus reducing the time for an A4 sheet to 3 minutes).
>So what site is Chomsky's work located at and how do we access it?
>Bob Hope-Hume.

I checked out the ftp site. Just for everyone's information, the site is
still a long way from having "all" of his work on-line: there was a
noticeable lack of any of his books, for example, and even more, unless I'm
mistaken, I didn't find anything of a linguistic nature (only political).
Do you know, Hogan, if he is really intending to put "all" of his work
on-line, or only some of it?


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