Re: Self-Regulating Glaswegians

I have found the discussion of the new vidoe monitors in Glasgow
intriguing and I thought I'd throw in my two cents.
{My apologies for the typos in the message, my editor is screwing up.}

How Much of this is panoptical in the sense that Bentham meant for the
panopticon to work, where individuals were being observed, or they
thought themselves observed, so that they disciplined themselves
accordingly? It seems to me that the process of monitoring has shifted,
awqy fom the focus on the individual and on to the control of
[fill-in-the-blank], shopping areas, parks, schools, many types of
public space. Instead of achieving self-control, these new methods end
up being employed in the decision for who to include and exclude in these
public spaces. Or perhaps, I should say in addition to the fostering of
self-discipline, which these new methods still develops on those it

I'm going to stop here, my editor is driving me nuts.

John V @NYU

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