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> >Hi,
> >=09I am asking some h**p : In 'writting and difference' Derrida has=20
> >an essay in which he is analyzing and criticizing Foucault's=20
> >'Madness & civilization'. I think I know that Foucault has somewhere=20
> >answered the critique, could someone please give me the reference ?=20
> >Thanks
> Hi,
> Foucault answer can be found in the appendix of the second French edition=
> Folie et d=E9raison (Paris [Gallimard] 1969).

Yes. There's an English translation somewhere. Derrida has
extended this debate very recently, in an article published
in *Critical Inquiry* just last year, entitled "To Do Justice
to Freud*. He threads back through *Folie et deraison* and reopens the
debate, all the while claiming that he's not reopening it because,
after all, Foucault's dead and it's impolite to carry on a=20
discussion with a dead man, not to mention impolite etc. etc. =20
This time, though, he moves through *Folie et deraison* by focusing
on references to Freud, not Descartes. I don't think one can
afford not to take this article into account, if you're=20
working through the layers of the debate.

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