Re: Foucault/Derrida (fwd)

In your message of 12:45 Feb 15 1995, you write:

>In 'writing and difference' Derrida has an essay in which he is
>analyzing and criticizing Foucault's 'Madness & civilization'.
>I think I know that Foucault has somewhere answered the critique,
>could someone please give me the reference?

>> Hi,
>> Foucault answer can be found in the appendix of the second French
>> edition of
>> Folie et deraison (Paris [Gallimard] 1969).

Foucault response to Derrida is published in English as "My Body, This
Paper, This Fire," in the Oxford Literary Review, Vol 4 (1979).

Blaine Rehkopf
York University



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