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>I am sure many of the members of the list are interested in the "collection
>of essays on Foucault's impact..." Could you give us some details?
>Bengt Carlsson
>Bengt Carlsson
The book is to be called Strategies of Transgression: Michel Foucualt's
Impact upon the Social Sciences and is edited by myself and Moya LLoyd
(M.Lloyd@xxxxxxxxx) and is to be published in 1996 (hopefully!)by
Macmillan/St Martin's Press. There's a number of essays that give an
explication of Foucauldian ideas and then try some form of "application" of
them within a given disciplinary framework (e.g. law, philosophy of mind,
political theory, international relations, sociology of race). My chapter
is on Foucault's writing of history. I give an account of his trajectory
from archeology to genealogy, concentrating on his ideas of discontinuity in
the essay "Nietzsche, Genealogy, History". I'm then trying to see how these
ideas have been taken up by some New Historicists and some versions of
feminist history. I also look at some debates about revisionist
historigraphy of Irish nationalism, in order to show how Foucault's ideas
can illuminate the kinds of theoretical questions thrown up by revisionist
history, even though none of the protagonists explicitly mention Foucault.

I'd welcome any comments, queries.>
Andrew Thacker


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