Re: aesthetics of existence

regarding foucault's later work and feminism/gender, my argument would be
that souci de soi is peculiarly adaptable to techniques of the self that
are associated with one perspective on women's power/knowledge, i.e.,
shopping practices and the "soft virtues" of comfort, convenience, safety,
style, and care. in fact, i'm writing an article along these lines,
collecting store brochures and mail catalogs to use as data on consumer
lifestyles. i realize of course that there are many problems trying to
construe a feminist position as one linked with consumer souci de soi, so
i stressed above that this is only *one perspective* on women's power/
knowledge, and not obviously the most edifying -- though why not? 8-)

i dont see at all why the three available volumes of "history of sexuality"
should not be read from a feminist standpoint, but i'd be fascinated to hear
from others who are working in this area.

alan aycock


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