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Here is an excellent article on Foucault's THIS IS NOT A PIPE:

Jeanneau, Augustin, "En partant du calligramme," REVUE FRANCAISE DE
PSYCHANALYSE 53 (6), Nov.-Dec. 1989, pp. 1779-1783.

Foucault himself wrote an article on Raymond Roussell and metagrams:

Foucault, Michel, "Dire et voir chez Raymond Roussel," in DITS ET ECRITS,
Vol. 1, Paris: Gallimard, 1994, pp. 205-214.

And here is a secondary source on Raymond Roussel:

Pilling, John, "A Little posthumous prosperity: Raymond Roussel," PN
REVIEW 15 (1), 1988, pp. 43-46.

I hope this is helpful!

Kristin Switala

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