Miller and New Foucault Text

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> It is high time to give Miller's book its due -- it is absolute
> garbage, particularly his uncritical use of sources --
> Edmund White's travel accounts of the gay scene in San Francisco
> is a prime example.

Yes, all students and/or professionals working in the area of Foucault
studies should be wary of this text. It is not a philosophical or
philosophically-aware book, and is very much interested in
sensationalistic hype. Really, the best biography of Foucault available
is the following:

Eribon, Didier, MICHEL FOUCAULT. Trans. B. Wing. Cambridge: Harvard
University Press, 1991.

Also, is everybody aware that Daniel Defert (Foucault's longtime
companion) has collected all of Foucault's interviews and essays in
French and has published them through Gallimard Press in a four-volume
set? Here's the info.:

Foucault, Michel, DITS ET ECRITS. Ed. D. Defert. Paris: Gallimard,
1994. Vol. 1-4.

There's one catch, however, each volume costs $50.00. If you are
interested, I saw these at Schoenhoff's Foreign Books in Cambridge,
Massachusetts over the Christmas break. I don't have their phone number
handy, but Information at area code 508 will.

Kristin Switala


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