Re: Foucault and Revolution

On Thu, 13 Apr 1995, Kristin Switala wrote:

> how we can think about "revolution" according to Foucault. I still
> maintain that in Foucault's view, revolution is impossible, because of
> how power operates upon and through institutions and individuals.
> However, I am perplexed by Foucault's statements in HISTORY OF SEXUALITY,
> VOL. 1, which John points out. I think that John's explanation is
> interesting, and I was wondering if anyone else could respond to this
> problem.

I join the view that 'revolution is not impossible', be it only because
for F. (as for most of us, I think), the future is the domain of the
possible. The way power operates can not preclude anything, it can only
make things more difficult or easier. It makes sense to argue that
revolution is unlikely today in western societies, (weather it reassures
us or make us despair), in fact this is already argued from a marxist
standpoint by Herbert Marcuse in the 'uni-dimensional man', but did we
already forgot our bewildermant at the collapse of the Soviet Union?


Gabriel Ash



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