Re: Critique of Discipline and Punish

Rob Urquhart asked for sources that discuss (critique) DISCIPLINE AND
PUNISH. Here's a list of a few:

1. Schneck, S.F. "michel Foucault on ower/discourse, theory and
practice," HUMAN STUDIES Vol. 10 (1987), pp. 15-33.

2. LaForest, Guy, "Gouverne et liberte: Foucault et la question du
pouvoir," CANDIAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Vol. 22 (Sept. 1989), pp.

3. Schonherr, Ulrich, "Vom affen zur maschine," [Sorry, I lost the
reference -- does anybody know what journal/date this is from?]

4. Thiele, L.P., "Foucault's triple murder and the modern development of
power," CANADIAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Vol. 19 (June 1986), pp.

Good luck on your research!

Kristin Switala

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