Re: Foucault, truth, and Rorty

On Wed, 17 May 1995, Kristin Switala wrote:

> Erik,
> You said that Derrida put MC and OT through the ringer. I know
> one piece (the one Foucault blew up at) Derrida wrote. Is there
> another?
> Sincerely,
> Kristin Switala
Well, implicitly, yes. Derrida's "The Ends of Man," in MARGINS is
organized as a criticism not merely of OT, but tries to connect it up
with a trend of late humanist thought that recuperates metaphysical
gestures in trying to go beyond humanism.

But I also have a pet theory that one of the most important "implied
audiences" of GRAMMATOLOGY is Foucault (or the intertextual reader who
has just been inhabited by that text), again with the same sort of
implications found in "Ends."


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