Re: query about the "surface of emergence" concept (fwd)

_The Archaeology Of Knowledge_ is one definite source in which the
"surface of emergence" theme is explained and investigated; especially in
the first half of the book (up to p. 131). Methodologically, Foucault
begins in AOK with the "surface of discourse" and explores this region in
detail. One result of his exploration is the emergence of the field of
practices that constitute the archive.

"The domain of statements thus articulated in accordance with
historical _a prioris_, thus characterized by different types of
positivity, and divided up by distinct discursive formations, no
longer has that appearance of a monotonous, endless plain that I
attributed to it at the outset when I spoke of `the surface of
discourse'; it also ceases to appear as the inert, smooth, neutral
element in which there arise, each according to its own movement,
or driven by some obscure dynamic, themes, ideas, concepts,
knowledge." (p. 128, AOK)

Re-examine AOK. I think you'll find one explication of what you are seeking.

Yours in discourse,



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