Postmodernism discussion

Hi, all! I have to say, considering I just signed on to the list
yesterday, I've already gotten my e-mail's worth. In a short time I've
learned a lot, though I admit I've been confused some, not being familiar
with more than the names of many of the thinkers you're all referencing.
Would it be pushing it to ask that if someone is crucial to your point,
you do a brief summary of his/her perspective as it pertains to your
argument for those of us who are out of the academic loop? (If I'm the
only one with this problem, don't bother.)

My only regret is that I brought up the topic right before I
have to go on vacation for a week, leaving me without access to e-mail.
However, I'm not unsubbing; hopefully the discussion will continue and I
can read it belatedly when I get back.




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