Re: Postmodernism

Jorge - since getting your last message I thought it prudent to copy the
response I sent to Hagen (not sure of how "debates" are usually conducted
on these lists), since you bring it up.

> On Thu, 13
Jul 1995, Hagen Finley wrote: > Post modernists such as Foucault argue
> > that "rationality" is a historical construction. That means, for example, it
> > changes over time. It can be distorted by power and other human interests.
> > That the present sensibility that we share is just one of many possible
> > sensibilities.
> > The above is simplistic, but I hope it provides a point of reference.
> Yes, this does help a lot.
> I too would argue that rationality is an historic construction, but am
s> not clear on how "it" changes over time. I guess it all depends on the
> definition of "rationality." I'm always baffled by that term (in itself
> a big can of worms). It's used fairly carelessly fairly often, and I've
> seen it mean "logical consistency" "positivism," and more no doubt. How
> do you mean here? What is being distorted over time - what we view as
> making rational sense, faith in a rational world...etc.?
> -Karen
> kkolode@xxxxxxxxx



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