Re: Where is the self?

For an interesting comparison with Poster's "mode of information"
chapter, I'd suggest taking a look at Donna Haraway's "A Cyborg
Manifesto," in her _Simians, Cyborgs, and Women_. Instead of "mode of
information" she talks about what she terms the "informatics of
domination". She suggests that in our interactions with communicative
and biotechnologies, "we" are becoming something else than unified
subjects -- cyborgs: combinations of biology and technology. What I
find particularly interesting is Haraway's claim that cyborgs somehow
manage to escape Foucauldian biopower. I'm not exactly sure how (I'm
trying to write a paper on this topic right now!) though she does say
that cyborgs "simulate politics" rather than, it seems, fall prey to
politics and the uses of biopower. Any hints or suggestions would be
welcome. Hers is a tough paper, but definitely interesting when
compared to Poster's. Many similarities, but Haraway seems more
optimistic about the potential of communicative technologies, primarily
for historically dominated groups.


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