What is Power?

OK, you were nice before, but I reckon that's just luck. Try not to get
too exasperated with me for asking this even more basic question ('fraid I'm
still having troble with the elementary stuff):

I recall being wowed (in Clinic, Sexuality, and Discipline) by the
concept that power can be dispersed, fragmented, decentralized,
omnipresent and therefore invisible, but I'm pretty shaky with the
specifics. This is obviously not an ends/means kind of deal, but does
anyone BENEFIT from this type of power - according to Foucault?

What is power to Foucault? Is it the same in all his works; i.e., how
did it develop? Are his thoughts about power what constitute the
cornerstone of his philosophy? What is power's exact relationship with

I know an encyclopedia or ten have undoubtedly been written on above, but
can the answers be capsulized in a nutshell?


-Karen K.


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