'Man's' doubles

I'm doing some work on reflexivity, science and Foucault and I was
wondering if anyone had any idea of anyone who follows up Foucault's
ideas about 'man's' doubles as described in 'The Order of Things'. I've
tried to make connections to Derrida's critique of attempts to describe
'the end of man'. I'm interested in the way that these ideas can be
related to issues concerning self-reflexivity, identification etc. The
best description of the 'doubles' was in Rabinow's and Dreyfus's book-
and a book by Rodolphe Gasche called "Derrida and the philosophy of
reflection" Any other suggestionsor comments? I have also attempted to
link this discussion to ones about identification and postcolonialism,
ethnography and reflexivity etc, James Clifford, Donna Haraway etc. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.


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