Re: "Foucault's Oriental Subtext"

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Kent Ono wrote:

> i'm by no means new to the list. for those who may remember, i wrote a
> while back on foucault and communication/media. i follow the list
> carefully, although mostly i'm in hiding, like a lot of lurkers.
> i am struck by the construction of the "oriental" philosophy of recent
> posts. even the constructions of the arguments derive from explicitly
> western conceptions of the "orient." having read said, myself, and

For that matter, the constructions of Said's arguments in _Orientalism_
"derive from explicitly western conceptions of the 'orient.'" That is
what he's talking about after all. And if I read the original post
correctly, that's also at least part of what was being talked about:
western conceptions of the orient. Furthermore, since these conceptions
of the orient are "explicit," what's all the "shock" and your consequent
warning all about: don't you trust us to read? ;)

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