Re: Foucault and journalism

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Welch wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm working on a paper about journalism and power relations in society.
> There's a lot of sociology stuff on the subject, and I've found what
> little I've read of Foucault (History of Sex vol. 1, parts of
> Knowledge/Power collection) compelling on the nature of power. Does
> anyone recall if he talks about journalism specifically anywhere? I
> regret my ignorance but am seeking to correct it...

I'm reading D&P right now (just finished the first part). This may not be
what you're looking for, since Foucault's not talking about journalism
per se (but then when does Foucault ever really talk about insitutions
isolated from the practices and manifestations of power with which these
institutions are entwined?): In the first
part (I forget exactly where, but I think somewhere toward the beginning
of Chapter 2) Foucault talks about the broadsheets which were issued to
the masses as attempts to legitimize brutal executions. The king (and
especially later Parliament) ordered these broadsheets to be halted,
since they were contributing more to the iconization of the accused as a
folk-hero than to coordinating public opinion as to the horrible nature
of his crimes.

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