Queer Theory, Foucault, etc.

Sorry, this may not exactly be the place to post this, but I have not
seen any "meta-spoon" discussion list yet. How do people go about
suggesting possible new discussion lists?

My unsollicited suggestion is for a queer theory list. There is currently
a "queer studies" list elsewhere (QSTUDY-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), but it
suffers (at least I see it that way) from a lack of focus and it's not
generating much academic/theoretical discussion (in fact, as a "queer
studies" list it's not even clear that that is its mission). So, as far
as I can tell, the net does not yet have a real queer theory list, and I
think Spoon would be the obvious place to host it. Or perhaps it could
just start out with a "slow reading" seminar list, say, taking up
something like Leo Bersani's new book, _Homos_, or perhaps a queer-theory
oriented discussion of Foucault?

Again, sorry if this is not the place for this sugestion....

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The proper name does not designate an individual: it is on the contrary
when the individual opens up to the multiplicites pervading him or her,
at the outcome of the most severe operation of depersonalization, that he
or she acquires his or her true proper name.

Deleuze/Gauttari, "One or Several Wolves."


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