Re: Foucault and journalism

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, ANTOINE GOULEM wrote:

> What about the joint interview with Noam Chomsky. I saw a clip of it in
> the movie on Chomsky. I know that there isa transcript of the interview;
> I have it tucked away somewhere. I'll try and dig it up, but maybe
> someone is familiar enough with it to report on whether Foucault touched
> on the issue. Does anyone on the list have any opinions on the failure
> of Chomsky and Foucault to join forces?
> Antoine Goulem
I think it's a bad idea to suggest that a guy like F have
anything to do with a guy like C. In the first place Chomsky has his
objectives a little screwed up. He is a much better 'reactor' than
thinker. You don't need to look beyond Reflexive Water to see that.
Though most of the reading I've encountered concerning, or by Chomsky
commes from Z-mag and linguistics, his objective seems to be to confuse
issues and create dischord. Foucault is looking for answers in traces.


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