fish out of water

A couple of weeks ago (or more?) one of
the subscribers to the network wanted a source for the following quote from
Foucault (or something very like it."Marxism exists in 19th century thought the
same way a fish exists in water; that is it stops breathing anywhere else." I
found this quote in quite an odd source: Didier Eribon's biography of Foucault
((Michel Foucault, Didier Eribon, translated by Betsy Wing, 1991, Harvard
Univeristy Press, page 162). say the source is odd because Eribon quoted
Foucault but did not reference it or attribute it to any written source,
although in the sentence follwing the quote he mentions Jacques Milhau in
Cahiers du Communisme (Feb. 1968) reacting to the quote. COuld this statement
have been cited in this latter source? Was it something Eribon made up because
it sounded so good? In any case, I think the Eribon book is where the quote came


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