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On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Ashwin Kumar wrote:

> I am new to the works of Mitchel Foucault and would be most obliged for
> some directions. I intend to do my MA[HONS] thesis on the social
> construction of the body in 1996 as part of my Cultural Studies Degree.
> How could I use the work of MF - in terms of the body? I have read
> "Docile Bodies" (Rabinow:1984) and "History of SEXUALITY" Vols
> 1-3(Foucault:1976,1984,1985). Are there any "good' starter books on
> Foucault's work?
> Regards,
> akumar.

There is a ton of secondary material on the Foucauldian oeuvre, much of
it repetitive in content. Here are some that are noteworthy:

Herbert Dreyfus & Paul Rabinow, _Michel Foucault, Beyond Structuralism
and Hermeneutics_
Gilles Deleuze, _Foucault_

In regard to the body, I highly recommend the work of Susan Bordo and
Judith Butler, particularly Butler's _Bodies That Matter_.

David Pekerow


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