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one suggestion I have, is that if you are thinking about social
construction of bodies, keep in mind the plurality of bodies, the
difference between bodies, talking about "the body" is
problematic...divorces the physical from the particularities of different
life experiences, differences in ways various bodies are impacted by
social construction. If you talk about "the body" as if there is only one
and as if you can say certain specific things about all bodies, you risk
abstracting something very material and concrete, the WONDERFUL
FLESHINESS(ES) of animals (human and non-human)...

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Ashwin Kumar wrote:

> I am new to the works of Mitchel Foucault and would be most obliged for
> some directions. I intend to do my MA[HONS] thesis on the social
> construction of the body in 1996 as part of my Cultural Studies Degree.
> How could I use the work of MF - in terms of the body? I have read
> "Docile Bodies" (Rabinow:1984) and "History of SEXUALITY" Vols
> 1-3(Foucault:1976,1984,1985). Are there any "good' starter books on
> Foucault's work?
> Regards,
> akumar.


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