RE: Re:Foucault and Agency

Your remarks on Las Meninas are fascinating. I never thought of it
as a closed space, precisely because the figure drawn from the painter
to the mirror to the viewer includes a subject who is always changing,
in that there are always different viewers. I drew a connection between
Foucault's discription of Las Meninas and his discussion in "Two Lectures"
in _Power/Knoweldge_ (which I don't have with me at the moment - sorry)
about the figurative and literal decapitation of the king. THe king is
dead, and yet, in the realm of individual rights, we ask who, in a given
situation, gets to be the king? Who gets sovereign rights?

While the tie between the question of rights and issues of agency may
by indirect, rights seem to be a result of the presumption of agency.

I need to think more about the unification of language in the speaker of
the word.
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