Re: foucault and agency

Obviously Giddens is too busy a person to have time to read Focuault
properly. So Just ignore him on Foucault! It is non sense at best!! In fact
Foucault's philosophy is a philosophy of resistence. Whether resistence he
propses is coherent or effective is another question. As far as the question
of agency is concerned Foucault never denied agency. Foucault's critics as a
routine confuse his rejection of subject with the rejection of agency. It is
not the same thing to dney agency and subject. One can believe in agency
without believing in the notion of subject as understood in Cartesian and
Enlightenment tradtion.

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Subject: foucault and agency
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hi! i`m writing a term paper about foucault based on what Anthony Giddens
said : `for all the richness of his system... Foucault banishes agency and
struggle from history..` if someone could make it clear what is meant by
this sentence and open a way for me, I would very mucy appriciate it!
thanks a lot
oyku is

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