>The London Sunday Times reports today that schools in Dallas, Texas are
>being built with metal detectors, closed cicuit video monitoring, and armed
>guard patrols.
>I happen to be reading Paul Virilio and I am struck by his concept of
>endo-colonialism - in which governments turn to the colonization of their
>"own" populations, in which a state of war exists between the government and
>the population, a situation long familiar in the USA's "R&D" states of Latin
>It also makes one question the effects of Oliver Stone "Born to Kill"-type
>movies which incite and promote just the certain kind of behaviour that
>enables the "rational" response to violent teenage crime like the Texas
>We're going to be guarded. monitored, and searched all the days of our
>incarcerated lives.

I am an educator faced with students who do not understand the
philosophical implications of their own violent actions. An identity
statement can be made between gang behavior and that of Hitler Youth and
the Nazis in general.These children are in fact committing crimes against
humanity as defined by the United Nations (War Crimes Tribunal etc.). I
purpose the following as a solution:

Creating a setting similar in design to the LA and DC Holocaust Museums to
provide students (in gangs/gang-like) a 9 week opportunity to understand
the following:

1. Their gang and gang-like behaviors are crimes against humanity.

2. The similarity between their current, developing, and future activities
and actions are the same as Germany's Nazis and Hitler Youth.

3. The historical result of these behaviors.

4. Thus, justify changing their own behavior and teaching them how to do it.

These youngsters are literally committing and learning to commit crimes
against humanity and school districts across our nation have not as yet
seen the parallel. Unfortunately, in this case the part played by the
neutral party (histories implicit Nazi sympathizers) will be American
Public Education. We cannot stand by and let this happen again. .


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