I really cannot believe this response of associating u.s. school/street
gangs with hitler
youth.. You dear Mr. Educator certainly stand on the side of Reason and
Rationality, don'cha?! A Reason and Rationality that strikes deep terror
in my body. Certainly there is one kind of horror of the Holocaust and
of teh genocide that occurred in the 16th century that wiped out at least
90% of the population of the western hemisphere and that returns to haunt
societies all over the globe (ruanda, bosnia, etc.etc); bbbut, really
there is
another horror that operates in your wholesale and self-righteous
disregard for socio-historical contexts; it is horrific 'cause i wonder
really what is going on with gangs and what are the socio-economic and
political contexts of disengfranchisement, marginalization, and so on
that stimulates such violence -- that feeds such violence. Perhaps the
real violence is not that which reaches the bourgeoise press to frighten
the middle classes of homogenized "whiteness"; perhaps we should fear
lessthe racially marked UNDER classes and their BARBAROUS and incivil
ways of behaving than the RAtionaalities of a Universal Humanity. I
would rather see -- instead of zillion dollar holocaust museums for gangs
-- real cash spent to "improve" the living conditions of those in which
such threatening "nazi-like" violence occurs. -- "improve" because it
seems like most are already fooled into believing without question
certain standards of captialist/techno/industrial dimensions as "better"

Actually, I think what we should do with the money that would go into
such museums, is develop a real school of revolution: lets train the
gangs into becoming the armed front of the late capitalist revolution;
you know, enough of the historical sociology/marxist analyses of why the
peasants did/did not revolt-rebell; lets talk about the real issue: how
are we going to get to the real transformations of a postcolonial world
through the armed struggle of the urbanized gangs of racial/ethnic
violence. why don't the gangs start the Revolution that Che and others
dreamed of? why did not the LA of Rodney King turn into war of the
classes? When that
happens, we can talk about crimes against
Humanity and the great crime against Humanism that might(?) whoknows result!
oh. dear. i have stayed up past my bed time. sorry for the exaggerated
response, but gangs not = hitler youth. no way baby.

buenos noches, compan~eros!


PS: Please enlighten me because I certainly do NOT understand the
"philosophical implications of their own violent actions!"

> To: foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I am an educator faced with students who do not understand the
> philosophical implications of their own violent actions. An identity
> statement can be made between gang behavior and that of Hitler Youth and
> the Nazis in general.These children are in fact committing crimes against
> humanity as defined by the United Nations (War Crimes Tribunal etc.). I
> purpose the following as a solution:
> Creating a setting similar in design to the LA and DC Holocaust Museums to
> provide students (in gangs/gang-like) a 9 week opportunity to understand
> the following:
> 1. Their gang and gang-like behaviors are crimes against humanity.
> 2. The similarity between their current, developing, and future activities
> and actions are the same as Germany's Nazis and Hitler Youth.
> 3. The historical result of these behaviors.
> 4. Thus, justify changing their own behavior and teaching them how to do it.
> These youngsters are literally committing and learning to commit crimes
> against humanity and school districts across our nation have not as yet
> seen the parallel. Unfortunately, in this case the part played by the
> neutral party (histories implicit Nazi sympathizers) will be American
> Public Education. We cannot stand by and let this happen again. .


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