Ship of Fools

Unfortunately another member of my family got on computer and trashed the
indivdual who responded to the following possible solution to youth
gangs.Namely: "An identity statement can be made between gang behavior and
that of Hitler Youth and humanity as defined by the United Nations (War
Crimes Tribunal etc.)"

In summary, he stated that it was absurd to create such an identity. The
real identity was between Disneyland and my identity statement etc.

A few comments :

1. If I am correct in my judgement, according your logic I am still
incorrect. You will not accept the evidence regardless of how it is
packaged. This is exactly how Christian/Conservative/Republicans argue.

2. I like your Disneyland comparison. There is more to it than you can ever
imagine. You have obviously visted the magic kingdom several times. On the
contrary, I am an educator who has held dieing children in my arms.They
have been shot by my imaginary nazi friends because they have committed the
egregious crime of wearing the wrong color outfit. THIS IS REAL. DISNEYLAND

3. My identity statement may not be to your liking. You may also feel it is
very easy to call everything 'nazism'. However,This does not invalidate my

4.Finally, I assume your comments are actually my reservation on Foucault
ship of fools. If only it were true....


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