Re: politics and ethics

dear eric,
I would like to add something to your thoughts on the relation
between F. and pragmatism. Indeed there is a very interesting speech
that F. did in Japan in 1978 (reprinted in Dits et Ecrits III, 534ff)
with the title "The analytical philosophy of politics. In this speech
Foucault speeks in favour of the anglo-saxon analytical theory
because it did not ask for
the deep structures of language or the being of language, but asks
instead for its daily usage, the historical usage of the language.
F. says that he want to do a similar thing for power, he wants to
imagine a "philosophie analytico-politique"...
Besides I once asked Rorty (after a speech he did on pragmatism),
where after all to his mind were the differences between his approach and
Foucault and he told me that Foucault was much more "pessimist" than
he is (not a very profound answer, is it?).


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