Re: Judith Butler

> Whether straight people know it or not, and whether
> they want it or not, the configuration of speaking-positions and criteria
> of legitimation and delegitimation function in our culture such that the
> speaking position "queer thinker" is impossible - since the queer is the
> object of knowledge in all cases, something to be looked upon, but not to
> be identified with, while the thinker is the subject of knowledge, the
> one who knows, who identifies. This enables the straight commentator to
> say just about asything he or she (but usually he) wants about queer folk
> and be taken seriously.

That'll be why there are professorships in Queer Theory up for grabs all
over the US, then.

Dave Hugh-Jones
'Yes, that's my mother all right, but my mother's the Virgin Mary, you know.'

Re: Judith Butler, Malcolm Dunnachie Thompson
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