Re: The Object of Discipline

Chris Mitchell wrote:
> >I am currently reading Discipline and Punish and I need a little
> >clarification. According to Foucault, "the art of punishing in the
> >regime of disciplinary power is aimed neither at expiation, nor even
> >precisely at repression." Then what, according to Foucault, does
> >disciplinary punishment aim to do?
> >
> >Thank You
> >William Bock
> >
> >
> >I think it's more to do with regulation, the reconstruction of the
> individual according to the laws of the state, the repression of certain
> elements of the individual and the accentuation of others (on a
> punishment/reward basis). The account Foucault gives at the beginning of
> D&P of the 18th century prison regime is a good example of disiplinary
> punishment as reconstruction.
> Hope this helps
> Chris I think, it's a kind of productive regulation of the individual body ,
thereby rising the effectivity of power.


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