Re: The Object of Discipline

>I am currently reading Discipline and Punish and I need a little
>clarification. According to Foucault, "the art of punishing in the
>regime of disciplinary power is aimed neither at expiation, nor even
>precisely at repression." Then what, according to Foucault, does
>disciplinary punishment aim to do?
>Thank You
>William Bock

Disciplinary punishment aims to normalize, or as Foucault later says, to
hegemonize. It aims to control our actions, attitudes and bahaviours. It
aims to make us certain kinds of beings -docile beings - in whom power
relations becomes ever more rooted, ever more determining. (184, 125,
20-1, 137-8, 97, and my favorite, 194). Sorry I can't give more, but very
busy writing paper.


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