Foucault and Plato

Helloo again people,
I was just thinking about the relationship between Plato and Foucault,
whether implicitly or explicity stated in F's works. Considering that he
falls in line with Nietzschean thought, who considered Plato and his
"deception" in "The Birth Of Tradegey". Heddieger than taking
Nietzsche's stuff seriosly and developed the conception of the Being in
Plato via. Aristotle. Gadamer taking this and correcting some of the
perseptual problems of Heddieger. Leo Strauss Finding Plato as an
Interesting figure not through Aristotle or other Western Eurpoean
philosophers, but through Islamic and Jewish philosophers like Al-Farabi
and Maimonides (respectively), ending up with Derrida's little expostions
upon Platonic origins of Western Philosophy. The Question that pervades
all these figures, was, Is the Platonic Origin of Western Philosophy
nothing but an Illusion, that was not based upon virtue (as Socrates
proffesed) but upon the polito-socio factors of power/knowledge? IN
other words, are the very origins of philosophy the attainment of power
through knowledge??? I think Foucault had something to say in with
regards power/knowledge in the context discussed above???? Is Philosophy
DEAD??? If so, I would like to hear from you people out there!! :)
Thank You
Omar Nasim
Department of Philosophy.

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