I have received messages asking about the context of C's statement
which came to me too as a surprise. She was asked, as I said in the first
message what is her reaction "now" to her writings of 70's ?

Some people have asked about the seminar:

The day after her speech, she was to offer a seminar (1+1/2h.) to her
writing. It was poorly attended (ten people may be). Instead of talking
about her work, she said she was ready to answer questions. Here is what
she added to her reply: "what I said, was that at some point the
communication between gender is impossible." She continued by explaining
that "this is a question of <<power>> ".

Very many people shared my surprise. Would be nice to hear about their

(By the way, to the friend in Canada: C's contradictory comments can not be
reduced the question of translation. Fortunately people change!! N'est-ce
The speech was taped and recorded.
The tape of her "speech" can be found at WORT radio in Madison.
118 South Bedford street. Program: Radio literature.
Tel: (608) 256-2001

Az Khak Bar'amadim-o- Bar Khak Shodym

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