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> Hi Andrew,
> >> At 18:11 23/09/97 -0500, Andrew Herman wrote:
> >the actual reading of Foucault's texts merely
> >confirms in increasingly predictable ways the original reception of the
> >symbol. Thus, if Foucault the symbol represents the flighty, bombastic,
> >overdrawn, incoherent, overexposed, merely (and briefly) fashionable
> >Continental intellectual, a certain reading follows: Foucault prefers
> >mad
> >people over Enlightenment reason; opposes hospitals; is capable of
> >writing
> >unreadable prose; thinks ripping people apart with horses is better
> >than
> >putting them in prison; first characterizes the whole West as a
> >dystopic
> >nightmare of inescapable power, and then without missing a beat tells
> >us
> >to turn our lives into works of art.
> I like it! A good summary of the "lieux communs" about Foucault!
> Your definition of the specific intellectual is quite limited... But I
> imagine you go further in your book?

The specific intellectual plays a very important role in the fifth chapter
below, the one on the "plebian aspect."=20

> >
> >Introduction: Rethinking "Critique"
> >I Confronting New Forms of Power
> >II Disciplines and the Individual
> >III Governmentality and the Population
> >IV Genealogy in the Disciplinary Age
> >V The "Plebeian Aspect"
> >VI Politics, Norms, and the Self
> >Conclusion
> Interresting menu... When will it be available in bookshops?

It's been out since February (published by Duke University Press), but
distribution is always a problem. Fortunately, in this, the most
technological of times, it is easily available from any of the big online
book merchants -- or Barnes& Just search for author
(John Ransom) or title (_Foucault's Discipline_) and you can pick up a
copy there. Or of pretty much any other book on Foucault you can think of
that's in print, for that matter.

Thanks for asking and for your comments.

--John Ransom

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