In you go at Toronto...

Dear All,

The Political Science Department of York University is organizing its
series of seminars for Winter and Fall '98. If you are a "Foucauldian
scholar", if you plan a journey in Toronto for this year, and if you are
interested, please reach me. I would be happy to suggest your name to
the Academic Initiatives Committee.=20

Although I can not speek for the Department, I think graduate students
and faculty members could be really receptive to a communication related
on politics and Foucault: York University is one of the most progressive
University in North America. Enough self-promotion... Reach me if you
are interrested.


____________ Alexandre Brassard DesJardins ___________

=C9tudiant au doctorat Doctoral candidate
D=E9p. de science politique Dept of Political Science
Universit=E9 York York University

"A l'impossible tout intellectuel est tenu"
(Braudel 1958, 736)

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