Re: a silly question

Well, it's 2 silly questions actually...
I haven't been around on the Foucault list for a while so a bit out of touch.
But something occured to me. Why is the English translation of 'Surveiller et
Punir,' 'Discipline and Punish'? Currently I have doing some work on the gaze
and I was looking for the famous part about the panopticon when it struck me
that this was quite a large discrepancy in the words. Who decides these things ?
Does anyone know / think they know why it was chosen?

And secondly, while I was hanging around trying to spend money on one of those
'books on line' places I noticed a book by 'Doug Henwood'? Is this Doug of our
list fame?! I can't remember what the subject was (to do with Wall Street I
think) but I was intrigued... More info? (go on plug it!) Extracts online?
Review Offers??!! ; )


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