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>And secondly, while I was hanging around trying to spend money on one of
>'books on line' places I noticed a book by 'Doug Henwood'? Is this Doug of
>list fame?! I can't remember what the subject was (to do with Wall Street I
>think) but I was intrigued... More info? (go on plug it!) Extracts online?
>Review Offers??!! ; )

Yes, the very me. The book is called Wall Street: How It Works and For
Whom, published this past June by Verso. A mix of empirical description of
how finance works today, mixed with some theories, orthodox and not (i.e.
mainly Keynes and Marx). Only one reference to Foucault, alas.

The text of a talk I gave based on the book is on my web site (URL below).
More info on the book is available at

And thanks for asking.

Excerpts from the reviews:

"superb...pungent...will serve as a classic reference for years to come"
-James North, In These Times

-Gary Mongiovi, The Nation

"Doug Henwood has a talent, remarkable as it is rare among observers of the
financial scene, for making the obscure clear, the complicated simple, and
the arcane understandable. His irreverent take on Wall Street is a
provocative challenge to conventional wisdom that's great fun to read."
-Alan Abelson, Barron's columnist [in a blurb, not a review]

-Paul Isaac (underemployed Wall Streeter), Barron's



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