Re: new interpretations of marx

Daniel (and others),

a minor correction to my last post...

> > Having said this, two things: Postone's
> > reinterpretation stands out from most, all down the years, and I think
> > ranks with Althusser and Balibar's Reading Capital (would that this
> weren't
> > the US, and it were more feasible for this book to do real cultural
> a
> > la A&B's);
> first, i do not know balibar's reading of capital, but i can say that
> althusser's reading certainly was influential, i do not regard it
> highly--since its popularity, i believe, is simply due to althusser's
> "positivism"... more on this later...

i had misread your post to mean A and B's _respective readings of capital_,
and forgotten that this book _Reading Capital_ was in fact co-authored by
Balibar... i have not read this book itself, and as you can probably guess
from my post, i have only read some other essays by althusser... but it
was enough for me, since having read marx myself, i could hardly stand to
read such a positivistic marxism....

please excuse my ignorance...


David J. Wiltsee
Dept. of Economics
University of Utah

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